The Kabala: The Authentic Tradition

Inside the Mystery Chamber, I was sitting with an old man, a man who knows the secrets of the Tradition. Outside, the rain was falling so strongly, that it echoed inside. I looked around me, then precisely at him. His eyes grew brighter as he uttered, “You might be wondering about the Tradition, it certainly goes back to Hermes-Enoch. I feel I have to inform you about it.

“It all started with Enoch or Anak, the Canaano-Phoenician seer at Mt. Hermon, in Loubnan. You may notice also that the name Hermes given to him by the Greeks comes from Hermon.

“Tradition says that Angels descended on Mt. Hermon, and taught that seer a great universal spiritual and occult doctrine. He, Enoch, accepted it and called it the Kabala, which means ‘accepting’.

“Enoch is Henoch, Phenoch, the Phoenix, symbolizing the secret cycle and Initiation. It is death, or the end of life’s cycle, and the resurrection from its ashes after three days into eternity. He is the first teacher-initiator, possessor of the true sacred hidden name, linking Humanity through an eternal concordance with the Father, God.”

“Enoch, later, introduced the Tradition to Egypt, and became known as Thot-Tautus in the Egyptian Religion, and Herem or Haram (Pyramid), is nothing but a Temple symbol of Hermes.”

A strange feeling surrounded me. In fact, a strange man was surrounding me. Without realizing it, I became part of the secret teaching. “What was I doing here?” That same old question started to revolve inside my mind. No matter what, I have to understand.

“After being well established in Canaan and Egypt,” continued the old man, “the Tradition spread around the world. In fact, Enock (Anak) the Canaanite was a generic name for what could be called Meta-Throne, or Metatron, the one, who stood before God. We consecrated Wednesday, to him, as his holy day.

“Moreover, he was known as Mithra for the Hindus and the Persians; Oannes in Mesopotamia; Nebo in the Babylonian mythology; Quetzalcohuatl for the Mexican Mayas; Thor in the Scandinavian tradition; Hermes-Kadmos for the Greeks and Mercury for the Romans. He was Adam-Kadmon for the Kabalists; and later became Edris for the Arabs and the Muslims, and finally Enoch for the Druzes.

“Sometimes, the father of the word, of the spiritual laws, was not only considered as the messenger who accepted the words of God, but was also regarded as the god of wisdom and science.

“With the Chaldeans, moreover, who were savants and magicians, the Kabala based on the esoteric meanings of letters and incorporating one of the ancient languages on Earth was used for the invocation of spirits, either written, as in a form of talisman, or spoken, as in a form of incantation. That was a deviation from its original source.

“A cast of Chaldean priests at Babylon, probably, brought the tradition with them to the Land of Canaan, and they became known as the Ebraniyin, or the Abarnahara, ‘those who crossed the river’, the Hebrews. They have changed it, corrupting it even more, thus to fit with their beginning culture, having the Zohar as its classical form.

“The Chaldeans, had the God “Iao” as the secret name of the Mystery God, that of creation. The Hebrews adopted Iao, and transformed it into YHWH, considering him/her as a national power of salvation.

“Iao, Iaho, or Yaho would mean breath of life generated or springing forth between an upright male and an egg-shaped female, principles of Nature. Thus, Ye(a)va, Jehovah, Yahweh is the Hermaphrodite Supreme Divinity of the Hebrews, being Ievo-hevah, Adam-Eve, or Yod-Heva, hence, the Demiurge, preached by the alleged Moses!” The wise man explained and paused for a while.

A moment of silent Truth reigned inside the room like eternity…

“Throughout history many sects, religious groups, and secret societies,” he resumed, calmly, “have adopted the Kabala in their Initiation ceremonies.

“The Great White Fraternity, the Pythagoreans, the Essenes, the Therapeuts, the Nazarenes, the Gnostics, the Templars, the Cathars, the Free-Masons, the Kabalists, the Alchemists, the Hermeticists, the Illuminati, the Theosophists, the Rosicrucians, and many others whether in the East, or in the West, appear to have adopted the Kabala.

“In fact, most of them have been influenced either by the Chaldean, or by the Hebrew Kabala. Very few, though, were initiated into the secrets of the authentic Kabala, that of Egypt and Canaan. I reckon they keep themselves hidden from the vulgar.

“These few Initiates hold the secrets of that authentic Tradition, and are the true faithful adepts of Hermes, the first instructor and savior of humanity, a son of God, who triumphantly will utter, “Oh men, live soberly… win your immortality, I will lead on to salvation”.

“Anyway, they are that few, because they are very concerned not to reveal themselves to the profane, as you already know. Indeed, many of them, throughout history, were very prudent and careful not to divulge the secrets, and many have been killed by the evil ones, those who wanted to take possession of the true word, and those who have already lost it.”

“Oh wise one, where about the world these Initiates live?” I asked him inquisitively.

“Today, this secret Order has not differed a lot from its existence in ancient times. Other than Loubnan, it exists in Egypt, Palestine, India, Tibet, Japan, Germany, France, England, Spain, Italy, and Mexico.

The sound of the rain falling outside, continued echoing inside, adding to our conversation a feeling of intimacy, a bound of friendship, that of an Order! I felt so proud belonging to an Order, ancient as Hermes, and authentic as Kadmus, in days, where only Charlatans, wonder about the Earth.

Many things, which were puzzling me in my life, found themselves revealed to me inside that Chamber, in the abode of the Keepers of the word! Still, many things, however, were far from being revealed to me. I felt, though, that time would be on my side, and perseverance and patience would be my faithful allies in that journey of knowledge.

I haven’t yet fathomed what was or what is the Kabala, and what the five-pointed star would mean, except that it was the closing of the circle of the Initiates inside that Order. The tea in my hand was getting cold…

The voice of that man was so strong, so authoritative that I felt loose in front of that mystical power shining in his eyes. In fact, this Initiate, sitting near me, seemed to have a great knowledge of the Mysteries, the mysteries of life.

“What is the Tradition, the Kabala?” I asked him excitingly.

“The Kabala, accepted by Hermes at the top of Mt. Hermon, is represented figuratively with the Caduceus, which leads through spiral ascension, along dualist principles, to reach the wings of Liberty in the abode of the One. This Tradition is divided into three parts:

The first is the Divine Inspiration, revealed by the Angels of God, those Exalted Beings, or so to speak, the Higher Selves, and contains the Omnific Word, that was never written, but given in secret from ‘mouth to ear’.
The second is the Emerald Tablet, written by Henoch with the purest of gold, on a piece of emerald stone, and contains the process of Alchemy, where its focus, was a spiritual enlightenment through a change in the physiology of the body, based on a transmutation of the sexual force.
The third is the Sacred Alphabet, and contains the hidden meanings of the Occult Sciences, including Astrology and Real Magic.

“The father of the word has hidden these three aspects of the Kabala in the Sacred Alphabet. This secret knowledge has been imparted only to the Initiates. The Initiate would have to interpret the hidden meanings of the Alphabet through its letters that would reveal the true meanings of the Tradition.

“These Symbols, with which the Initiate would be engaged, have mystical meanings. They would arouse in him or her the unconscious and make it conscious of itself. This would then create in the Initiate an awakening state of one’s intuitive knowledge.” He explained this wonderfully… then took a breath.

“On the other hand,” he continued, “the Jewish tradition of the Kabala is an unwritten tradition or oral one, based on the Sepher Yetzirah, known as the Book of Creation or Formation. Along with that, there is the Zohar, or Sefer-ha-Zohar, known as the Book of Splendour or Lights.

“In the Zohar, God is described as Ein-Soph, the No-Thing, the endless, the infinite and the all. It stands above the First Sephiroth, Kether, where YHWH is crowned above the principles of Dualism, but YHWH, as we have seen earlier, is Yod-Heva, the Demiurge!

“Anyway, this Tradition teaches that God projected from himself ten rays of light, the Sephiroth. Originally, there was a unity between God and the world, but this was broken when evil appeared. The goal of the Kabalist is to restore that unity.

“Indeed, a Unity with Ein-Soph can not be accomplished, if worship in YHWH is practiced, and if it could be accomplished, God can not be perceived as a negation, or No-Thing.

“Along with that, Kabala seemed to represent a complete system that contains symbols, angels, demons, magic, and includes a complex cosmology, and the origins of humanity in the scheme of existence.

“Kabalists, moreover, believe that the language of the Old Testament contains coded secrets, and by assigning a number to each letter of the Hebrew Alphabet of 22 letters (taken from the Canaano-Phoenician Alphabet), they have created an esoteric system of interpretation known as gematria.

“No matter what, the Jewish Kabala, is a composed element of the Chaldean Kabala, and includes at the same time much of the Persian magic, or the dualist principles of Nature, along with Pythagorean Ideas of restoring the Unity between God and man. However, the Pythagoreans believed in the Universal Mind as God, and not as a negation.”

When he finished his explanations, the old man brought a small box made of wood, and put it on the table. Out of it, he took a piece of white paper rolled with a golden ribbon, untied it, unfolded the manuscript, and opened it. He showed it to me. It was written in Golden ink, and I read:

Cycle I
1- Aleph is the Father and the Creative Force, connected with the Fire element.
2- Beth is the Hermaphrodite Nature of the created Kosmos. It is the Body or the Temple that holds the Spirit, connected to the planet Saturn.
3- Gimel is the Voyage and the wander through Nature, connected to the planet Jupiter.
4- Daleth is the Door and the Path to the Planet Mars.
5- Heh is a Window that opens the Revelation and the Inspiration, connected to the constellation of Aries (the ram).
6- Vau is Gain and the Attraction of physical Change, Nailing man to Earth.
7- Zain is the Glory, taken by the Sword, as a kingdom Ornamentation, connected to the constellation of Taurus (the Bull).
8- Cheth is the power of Sexual Instinct, Enclosing one inside the Fence of Animality, connected to Gemini (the twins).
9- Teth is the Serpent of Foundation. It is the Mud, or Organic Earth that blossoms into Life, and connected to the constellation of the Cancer (the Crab).

Cycle II
10- Yod is the Hand, and connected to the Water element.
11- Kaph is the Palm of the Hand, a sensible creator under the Sun.
12- Lamed is the Teaching and the Learning of the Knowledge by the power of the Scepter, under the constellation of Leo (the Lion).
13- Mem is the Water of Intuition and Intelligence under the constellation of the Virgo (Virgin).
14- Nun is the Fish springing out of the water, like a Child in Time and Continuing… under Libra (Scales).
15- Shamekh is the Help and Support given to escape the pointed arms of the Scorpio (n).
16- Ayin is the Eye and the Source for the Surveillance of the thinking, from the danger of Sagittarius (the Archer).
17- Peh is the Mouth that utters the Words, making Changements under the planet Venus.
18- Tsaddi is the other side, the Dark Side, Lucifer that would hit like an Arrow, or hook one with a Fishing hook under the power of the Capricorn (Fishtailed goat).

Cycle III
19- Qoph is the Keeping of secrets inside the Back of the Head under the constellation of Aquarius (Water Bearer).
20- Resh is the Head that lives in Poorness and challenge Misery for the work of Sacrifice under the planet Mercury.
21- Shin is the abode of Mystery, where Secrets are kept close to the Light under the constellation of Pisces.
22- Tau is the Sign of the Cross, the Initiate, and the Elected to the great Power, under the fading light of the Moon, thus to take over her place up in the Sky.

When I finished reading, I looked at him, and found his eyes meeting with mine on a higher level of understanding and commitment.

“These letters represent the Alphabet of the occult doctrine, or the absolute principles. They are the secret keys of the universe. If you know how to use them by will, you will be able to obtain wisdom and power.

“They are divided as follows: three letters represents the three elements of Earth, Water, Fire, whereas the forth, the Air element is considered as the link and the mover of the other elements.

“There are also seven planets, which influence the Earth and its inhabitants. They are the Sun, the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Mars, and are manifested in seven letters. The rest twelve letters are images of the twelve signs of the Zodiac.” The Wise explained carefully.

It was almost five o’clock, when he left the Chamber in silent steps. At that time, again having nothing to do, but to understand perfectly the Tradition I was being initiated to, I went to the Library.

As I fetched between the books, I found some important ones, but one of them immediately caught my eyes, entitled, the Book of Enoch, the Prophet. I opened it with lots of keenness. I began reading carefully. It was written in Kabalistic keys, and I have unlocked only few.

It narrates the Meeting of Enoch with the Angels on the top of Mt. Hermon, and the visions he had, throughout the heavenly realms. Indeed, they elected him among all the sages of the Earth, and t aught him the Tradition, asking him to teach it in secrecy, from mouth to ears, to a generation of Adepts.

That was his mission… and the mission was accomplished.

Later on, and when the night drew nearer, I met with the old man for a glass of wine, and then we parted for another Chamber, the Chamber of the five-pointed star, where we will be having our first meditation into the secret world of the Alphabet.

Time passed… and the floating was upstream…

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