Content is at the core of our platform enabling the social features and growing traffic on and to our platform.


Editor-in-Chief (EiC)

This is a key position in the editorial board and therefore requires a serious commitment to our team and mission. The EiC works closely with the rest of the team to determine a strategy for content and content acquisition, leads the larger team of editors, specialists and contributors, and is responsible for the quality of the content.



Our editors work directly with the Editor-in-Chief. Editors write and discover original content and work closely with global writers who contribute. This is a great opportunity to meet talented and knowledgeable writers from all over the world while working on their contributions.


Area and Topic Specialists

An area specialist is an Editor specialized in a particular field of culture, science, art, countries, people, or other intellectual field.



Contributors are contributing posts, but are not part of our core editorial team. Some will submit only 1 post, others may post more regularly. Look at our submissions page if you have a post to contribute.


If you’re interested in one of the positions, send an email with motivation and resume to .


December 15th, 2015 by remkodeknikker