A Child Cries the Seas

A child cries the seas
and in your eyes my lady
there is not any tear an apology
a lover begs the fates
and you burn the hearts
and implant in the memory
the denials!

To when this decision is?

you know that the seas are
waves and a movement
and the love
Is coming with insistence
what is after it an insistence!
Then, you seize the chance
and end this escape

A moon turns and falls
and you in the challenge sink
The Sun in the sky for the love
insists mother to be
and you on the
Earth for the
passion, spring refuses to be

To when this madness is?

Decorate your dreams
with the looks of the hope
free it from doubts eyelash
and return
then, the life does not
prefer the suicide
and the presence does not
love the concealment

Poor and poets
they exchange
talk and the ideas
you pant behind the
and kill the roses

To when this recklessness is?
To when this arrogance is?

A day you were a child
Did not know other than the tears
for the dialogue
and now,
why do not you
understand the secrets language?
Is it the selfish of one?
Or the hate
which in the villains soul inherited?

A man full of luggage
he rides his ship
and he leaves toward the moons
and you do not move
your feelings
any juveniles and news
why is this enjoyment
behind your looks?!

A rebel, the sadness besieges
him, his breaths burns
the tortures of the homelands
you shop ,forget the sadness and

Tell me my lady…
Did the forgetfulness
feelings befall you?
Or, did the globalization fever
and an embellishment the time
spread in your veins?

I became not understanding you
I became not understanding
what is a meaning the
human not
to be a human
I became not mastering
Your industry
I became mastering except
the sight around me
and the meditation and the condemnation

A child cries the seas
a lover begs the fates
the time does not hear
the presence lost the sights
the humanity is in stillness
and the life is not for it an efficiency
and in your eyes my lady
there is not any tear an apology

August 23rd, 2004 by