In the dead of night, my hands hit the face of the drum
Every beat tears my skin, calling for my love
While shadows of angels are dancing across the moon
Their hands are stained from the remains of my wounds

Ah, my country was my medicine
Ah, like raindrops on my skin

I kissed The Book three times before I laid to sleep
Said a silent prayer blessing the souls that weep
May each tear from their eyes cover my beaten flesh
The numbness in my body longs for the pain that left

Ah, my country was my medicine
Ah, an oasis of heaven

Wrap my scars in the pure cloth until an Angel is born
Let the doves fly away, finding shelter form the storm
Soon, a bright red robin will visit me, perched on my new home
Its wings resting on its side, its beak carrying my rose

October 11th, 2004 by