Three Fears

Fear No.1

One day I will understand
that straight lines are necessary,
but optimism will quiet me
and I will conclude: this is not enough!
I will start burrowing in the garbage to become surer of my belief,
and right there I will find my childhood
and, overwhelmed with hope for despair,
Mania Grandioso will take me to the eighth floor,
where a blue-eyed Angel will make me feel deeply
the existence of The Eighth Day.

Fear No.2

Standing on one leg,
until I resemble my recognition,
I will follow with my eyes the line of your hopelessly outstretched hand
and I will want to believe,
that the hammer that hits all (four) nails will break,
but when I will get afraid of your pure forehead,
I will understand,
that my body does not need corruption any more.

Fear No.3

Tired of a long road,
a constantly pregnant lonely woman will heavily kneel at my bedside
and will place her sweating breast on my eye;
recognizing her loneliness with fear, in the depth of her heart,
she will silently moisten her cracky lips with tears;
and though accrete with her fate, crossed with it, she will still say:
“I will not want to see anything, what you will give a name
(anything at all)!”

December 11th, 2005 by