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February 28th, 2004 by Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

Act One:
[A Court in a European capital, presided by a judge listening attentively to the prosecutor reading the charges against the defendant, Karim Fawaz.]

Prosecutor: Your Honor, the defendant, Mr Karim Fawaz, is a repeat offender who has admitted in writing to breaking the Emergency Public Law 1278, Sections 1 through 7, and 1282, Section 1 through 9.

The Judge (turning to Fawaz): You again, Mr Fawaz? Didn’t you learn a lesson from your last punishment? How long did you serve the last time?

Fawaz (stands): Four and a half months, your honor.

The Judge (shaking his head): You’re an intelligent man, why don’t you respect the law even if you disagree with it?

Fawaz: I obey a higher law your honor, the law of conscience. Nothing that collides with that law has priority even if it has the entire justice system behind it.

The Judge (to the prosecutor): Proceed. Read more of this article »

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