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November 24th, 2006 by remkodeknikker

Since the Kazynski twins took power in Poland a new post-communist reveille has awakened the Catholic conservatives in Poland’s moral revolution:

“Seventeen years after Poland swept aside communism, the government is trying to launch a moral revolution.
Under the leadership of the Kazycinski twins, the old communist archives are to be used to exclude from public life anyone who collaborated with the former regime.
The Kazycinskis talk of purifying the country, and bringing the values of the Catholic Church to the heart of public life.”

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December 3rd, 2003 by Charlene Caprio

Andrzej Adamczewski yearns to transcend Leczyca, a small town in provincial Poland, and become a famous artist in the west. His apprentice, Roman, dreams to escape his poverty by owning his own design studio and a western sports car. Intuitively they blame each other for their frustrations. In reality, their fates are intertwined in small town clashes between old and new Poland. When Ela, an aspiring film director from Lodz, visits Leczyca, Andrzej regains hope. But can hope survive in a town where a mythical devil, Baruta, guards over the people’s fate? Read more of this article »

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