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by remkodeknikker

The story of Chicago and its hinterland is one of the wildest histories of socio-economic growth you will encounter. In

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by Tom Baker

Anne Dunn’s paintings seem to explore the middle zones: Between being and not being, between beauty and decay. Fruit and

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by remkodeknikker

One of my favorite garage punk songs by English artists is the Headcoats’ ‘Art or Arse’ with Billy Childish (from

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by Tom Baker

Throughout history, western images of the Islamic world have been subject to moulding and re-framing. ‘The orient’ is positioned either

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by remkodeknikker

James Turrell’s latest light work is nothing less than a visual and spacial metamorphosis of the iconic spiral of the

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by remkodeknikker

Min-Sik Choi is the godfather of the Korean actors guild. He established himself as a cult hero with his role

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by remkodeknikker

French philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville formulated an opinion of America that Americans still strongly believe in today, the myth of

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by George Induashvili

Fear No.1 One day I will understand that straight lines are necessary, but optimism will quiet me and I will

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by Luis Benitez

Afar, the large polite world of language here, the wide serenity of things in the ocean’s bottom where it lives

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by Serafin Roldan-Santiago

Edward T. Hall, anthropologist and author of The Hidden Dimension (1966), first coined the term, “proxemics” in the early 1960s.

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